We will carry out an independent assessment of your third party solutions (contracts, service levels and relationships) to highlight areas for savings, identify...
For an end-to-end solution, we will guide you through the complex process of developing and implementing your entire sourcing strategy.
Our MIM (Measurement, Improvement and Management) methodology will successfully move your business forward and help...
We will actively manage your contracts and reduce the total cost of ownership of your service...
Our experienced advisors, highly skilled in service and change management, can supplement and add value to your existing management team.

When to reach for the Contract?

When to reach for the contract

Distressed Outsourcing Relationship Management

What makes a relationship unhappy?...more

National Outsourcing Association Award

Outsourcing Advisor of the Year 2005

Best Use of Outsourcing by an SME 2006

Do your IT services compare favourably to your key competitors?

Do your outsourced services meet current business demands, or do they need to change?

When should you sacrifice a long-term relationship with your service provider in favour of lower rates?

If you want to maximise the benefits of your insourcing or outsourcing decisions, our services are for you.

There are certain qualities that make one advisor stand out from the others. Quantum Plus, an independent UK advisory, applies a pragmatic approach. We work with our clients to get their sourcing strategy right, ensuring best practice and a robust methodology is applied to protect investments and reap anticipated benefits.

Our extensive insourcing or outsourcing experience across a range of industries in both private and public sectors is at your fingertips. Our advisors have a wealth of knowledge, both from your point of view as a customer, and that of a service provider. These can be applied to a number of business processes, including Finance, Payroll, Human Resources and all aspects of Information Technology (IT).

“We have a long standing relationship with Quantum Plus, who have delivered savings to the business many times over using their “hands on” approach. I have always been impressed with Quantum Plus’ flexibility and people. In fact - I have recommended them to other Senior Directors.” 

Business Systems and Change Director, Matalan

“This has been a very challenging programme of work both for the internal DTZ teams and for all our partners, including Quantum Plus.  Frankly, we would not have achieved that which we were required to achieve without Quantum Plus’ expertise and guidance. 

Chief Information Officer, DTZ Group

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