Our Promises

We’ve been there before

In today’s economic climate IT functions face continual demand to be responsive to business change, to be effective and agile, and to adopt new technologies whilst at the same time being pressured to reduce costs. Our elite advisors, by virtue of their in-depth understanding and experience of how to deliver effective change in imperfect situations, recognise the challenges posed by legacy decisions, investment constraints, conflicting priorities, unrealistic expectations and human error and apply their knowledge to the situation to ensure that you succeed.

We are outcome focused

Benefit, value and contribution are measures taken from outcomes not activity. When Quantum Plus engages with its clients, we place great emphasis on defining and then tracking benefit realisation, as well as defining the ‘how’ to maintain control and ensure the predictability of meeting the project’s objectives.

We value our independence

Many of today’s service providers have their own consultancy arms creating an obvious conflict of interest; potentially making clients uncertain that what they are being told is the right fit for their business needs. When Quantum Plus advises we bring only fact, experience and expert opinion to the table. We are independent from all service providers meaning our clients can guarantee that our advice and guidance is driven only by what is right for them.

We are provocative

A key tenet of high performing teams is that anyone is allowed to voice an opinion or make a recommendation, as long as it’s focused exclusively on improving the performance of the team. We take this philosophy and apply it to IT and Business scenarios by structuring our advice to test the accepted norms. We encourage our clients to strive for more than the path of mediocrity and to consider the art of the possible. Not every suggestion will make it in to production, but our clients can be confident that they’ve explored all the options and have not been constrained by history or misguided prejudices.

We roll our sleeves up

We acknowledge that getting the job done on time and to budget is critical to our clients. We work to the client’s deadlines and ensure that the plan is met, and if this means burning the midnight oil, you can rely on Quantum Plus’s resources to be there making sure that not only does the job get done, it gets done professionally, going the extra mile to ensure that this is the case.

We are collaborative

A key factor in the success of delivering a solution that meets your objectives in a timely and effective manner, is working with your team collaboratively in a multidisciplinary nature. We ensure that our project team gain sufficient understanding of your team members’ various roles and responsibilities to ensure we have a broader understanding of your activities. We acknowledge that not everyone is at the same starting place and implement a flexible implementation strategy with clear communication and coherent decision making process. We continually drive tangible collaboration to improve service delivery and save money.

We do our homework

Rapidly evolving technology and commercial options offered by a diverse supplier community, all utilising an increasing global delivery model, makes keeping pace with the most appropriate partner a significant challenge. Quantum Plus has formed information exchanges with the leading service providers so that we are able to track their market focus and roadmaps on a daily basis. When we step onsite we’re already equipped with a detailed understanding of what the market has to offer.  

We’re crystal clear

When engaging with clients we create an environment of transparency, enabling all relevant team members to be fully informed at all times. Knowledge is power and therefore when the team is aligned and know exactly what is going on and why, it enhances morale and produces a pleasant, productive and collaborative environment. Quantum Plus implements communication pathways from the beginning of every project, ensuring consistent, mutual conversations and decisions throughout the lifecycle.

We leave a legacy of expertise

As part of every engagement Quantum Plus looks to ensure that clients are able to continue to maintain and evolve the implemented solution, beyond the end of the immediate project. We take time during every engagement to formally transition the necessary skills and deliverables to our clients, to ensure that the project’s legacy is sustainable long into the future.

We use tools not rules

Through many years of working in the sourcing advisory profession, Quantum Plus has developed sets of methodologies and templates, proven to be complete and robust. This ensures the optimum outcome in the fastest and most cost effective way possible, whilst ensuring that risks and dependencies are properly managed.

We believe in being results driven, and as such we do not simply use our methodology ‘off the shelf’, but tailor the level of detail so as to drive maximum value for each client.  We move quickly through the areas which do not need to be addressed in depth, while covering in more detail the areas which in our experience are likely to affect the overall success of the project.