Global Universal Software Library

Our global USL subscription service delivers a per device audit data analysis optimisation solution. The service enables audit tool administrators to accurately decipher their audit data quickly, helping to reduce manpower overheads and risk to the organisation. The global USL subscription service will help deliver understandable reporting and automatic optimisation through the matching of discovered data lines to commercially recognised descriptions.

The global USL subscription service enables:

  • Fixing of raw data - a high percentage of all audit discovery tools present incomplete data with publisher, product and version fields either incorrect or missing
  • Identification of commercially licensable products - our report clearly identifies commercial versus non-commercial products
  • Removal of duplicate install counts - most discovery tools report multiple installs of the same product on a machine by machine basis. We will present a report that removes these duplicate installs, providing you with the most complete and accurate software inventory available, enabling reduction of risk value during audit
  • Review of software guide price - instantly view core software pricing on commercially licensable software, showing risks and costs of non-compliance
  • Review of software categories

Reporting on commercially licensable software is enhanced whilst non-licensable software applications can also be set to ignore or report, thus enhancing an organisation’s control functions. Finally, IT security is supported by USL’s ability to locate hazardous software ready for ring-fencing or removal. If you have existing SAM tools in place, we will provide you with a report highlighting areas of risk to your business. In the same report, we can show you how to save time and money by showing areas for immediate cost savings, for example, the gap value between your software requirement and the software licences you have purchased.

In 2014, 290 million raw software application descriptions were processed globally through the USL.